Patriarchal Blessing

Given on 1 November 1995; performed by Chad W. Clark

Brother D N P, by the authority of the Priesthood and through the office and calling of Patriarch, I lay my hands upon your head to seal upon you your Patriarchal Blessing and to declare unto you your lineage.  I humbly ask that our Heavenly Father bless me as I serve Him in giving you this blessing, to be used as a guide, comfort and protection to you throughout your life.  You are of the blood and loins of Ephriam, son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt.  I counsel you to read of the blessings given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because being of this lineage you are entitled to these same blessings.  Prior to your mortal birth you lived in the world of spirits.  It was there that you prepared for mortality.  You associated with many great and important spirits.  You grew to maturity and exercised your free agency, made covenants and were foreordained to positions of responsibility that are being shown to you as you proceed through life.  Your time was appointed to come to earth - a time when strength and leadership are needed, not only within the Church but in the society in which you live.  Your Heavenly Father loves you and has much in store for you.  I counsel you to move forward and bless you to this end, with the ability to know the will of your Heavenly Father and then proceed to carry out the things you were sent to earth to perform.  You are part of a family that love and appreciate you and look to you for many good things throughout your life.  They are grateful for you and for the life you live and with your Heavenly Father they are working to assist you in your life to develop your talents and abilities.  Appreciate the bonds that exist within your family and do all you can to keep them strong because they will be important to you throughout the eternities.

You are a member of a choice generation whose blessings are numerous but whose temptations and tests are great.  You must be strong and continue to live with an eye single to the glory of your Heavenly Father.  Recognize the power of the Priesthood and the importance of the gospel.  Be aware also of the great influence of the adversary upon mankind, of its purpose and the concerns in the world today because of these influences.  I bless you with power over the adversary and the ability to make correct choices.  I promise you that life will unfold many important and rewarding things for you.  You will rejoice as you see and feel the hand of your Heavenly Father guiding your life and enjoy the peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost as it works with you.  At the same time you must realize that even though He is a loving Father and has promised many blessings, He will allow you to be tempted, tried, tested and proven in many ways.  Obstacles will be placed before you.  Through handling these situations properly you will gain understanding and be in a position to help others to understand the purpose of life.  You will have many opportunities to teach the gospel.  You are a missionary as you live your life in the things you do and say and the example you set.  Continue to be faithful.  Seek friends who will help you live the gospel.  In turn you will have a positive influence upon their lives.  Together you will be a strength and can move forward to touch the lives of many.  There are those who are watching you and will desire to pattern their lives after the things they see in yours.

Continue to be faithful.  Attend your meetings faithfully and keep the Sabbath day holy.  Pay your tithes and offerings.  Obey the Word of Wisdom.  Be honest in your dealings with your fellowmen.  Stay morally clean in both thought and deed.  Should there be those who may trespass against you, forgive and forget.  Should mistakes be made, repent quickly so as to appreciate and enjoy the blessings that come through repentance and forgiveness - knowing that your Heavenly Father always loves you, He will forgive you and above all, important lessons in life will be learned.  I counsel you to continue to move forward in preparation for the future.  Acquire education and training that will prepare you to earn a livelihood and be in a position to share with others your means, time, talents and that which your Heavenly Father has blessed you with.  See that your testimony grows and that your knowledge of the gospel increases.  Through studying the scriptures and daily prayer, become familiar with the life and mission of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Study also the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith and those who sacrificed so much to make it possible for us to have the blessings of the gospel.  A responsibility rests upon you to reach out in a missionary and pioneer effort to prepare the way for those who will follow you.  You will sit in positions of responsibility.  Stay close to your Heavenly Father and live in such a manner that the Holy Ghost will be your constant companion.  You will be directed and inspired.  The scriptures will be at your fingertips and you will be able to present yourself in a comfortable manner and touch the lives of many who will listen to you.  They will appreciate and respect you.  This will not only be within the realms of the Church, but in your vocation and the communities in which you live.  Stay abreast with the signs of the times so as to recognize prophecy fulfilled and scriptures unfold.

Continue to prepare yourself for the time when you will be called to serve a mission as a young man.  There will be other missions and responsibilities that you will be called to carry out.  You will be a part of the movement that is taking place in preparation for the second coming of the Savior.  I bless you with the ability to prepare and make the necessary adjustments at the beginning, during and following your mission.  You will touch many people.  You will not only teach the gospel, but will teach leadership.  In the process you will establish a strong foundation upon which to stand to assist you through throughout your life as you perform other responsibilities.  Your gifts will be added upon at needed times.  Your mind and body will be quickened and you will be able to respond to calls and requirements that will be placed upon you.  Be diligent, humble and prayerful.  You have the promise that through being obedient to the principles of the gospel, you life will be full and rewarding and you will rejoice in seeing the work of our Heavenly Father move forward in many ways.  You will sit with leaders.  You will see changes take place in the lives of mankind as the doors are opened for the gospel to be spread throughout the earth.  You will also see wickedness run rampant and hearts that will fail.  You will stand firm and stalwart to reap the blessings of those who endure in faithfulness.  You will be protected and will not want.  You will have the blessings of those who magnify their callings and use the Priesthood as it is intended - to bless your life and the lives of your family and those over whom you will have a responsibility.  You will witness miracles and rejoice and bear testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel and the blessings of a loving Father in Heaven.

A time will come in your life when you will desire to take a chosen companion - your sweetheart - to the temple to be married and sealed for time and eternity.  Prayerfully approach this time in your life when you will make temple covenants with your eternal companion.  Blessings of joy and contentment, as well as concerns, will come to you as you raise a family and help them take their place in the society in which they live.  Support your wife as she will faithfully sustain you.  I bless you with the ability to recognize the needs of your family and those over whom you will have a responsibility.  Satan is real and his influence is great.  It may touch your family.  Through the teachings and direction that is given is your home, strength, comfort and peace of mind will come, adjustments will be made and you will rejoice and be grateful for that which you enjoy and are able to accomplish as a family.  Be patient.  Develop your faith and use your Priesthood.  Go to the temple often where you will renew in your mind the covenants that are made there.  Always be true to the covenants you make in life.  You will be sanctified through regular temple worship and fortified against the influences of the world around you.  You will do genealogical work and help to accomplish the missionary work that is so important for not only the living, but the dead.  You will realize that the veil between this life and the spirit world is thin.  Continue to be involved with the youth of the Church.  Be mindful also of the elderly and those who are struggling.  Share your testimony and be a strength to those who are wavering - those who stand in need. You will be involved in the gathering of Israel and in the preparation for the building of the New Jerusalem here upon the earth.  I counsel you to strive to have spiritual experiences that you can draw from in times of concern and as you work with others to give them encouragement, strength and support.  Understand and teach that the full benefit of the atonement comes through repenting and being obedient to all the principles and ordinances of the gospel.  Realize that in the last days the saving forces will be the Priesthood and the testimony of individual members.  You will be grateful for the life you have lived and be in a position to be found among those who will stand in the robes of the Priesthood, during the millennium when families are united and a great work is accomplished prior to the time when you will enter the presence of your Heavenly Father from whence you came.

I bless you to come forth on the morning of the resurrection, clothed with eternal life and associating with those whom you have longed to see - being caught up to meet and greet the Savior.  All of these blessings are yours, based upon your obedience and faithfulness.  May you always have the desire and the strength to live as you have been taught and know is right.  There are many unmentioned blessings that will come to you in due time as you are prepared for them.  This blessing is yours, sealed upon you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.