Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Web Participation

I took two negotiation classes in my MBA program. One of the repeating lessons I learned from those two classes as well as from another class is the importance of sharing information and knowledge.

For example, in a managing teams class demonstation, we played this game where half a dozen teams or so were "countries" and each contry's goal was to maximize on their gains. We did this by trading cards. Each card had some tid-bit of information. Anyway, the gist of it was that every nation only had a small part of information. Everyone was so concerned about giving away too much information that we all horded it. By the end of the class, a few of us convinced the majority of the nations to begin sharing information. By then, though, time had expired and the demonstation was over. If we had been quicker to share information, many of the groups would have been close to maximizing their profits.

Today I read a post over at the blog for the More Good Foundation. The point of the post was to convince members of the Church to participate in the Internet. I wholly agree with this. Just as in the real World, if we sit back and do nothing, the tides of evil will wash over us. But if we add our voice to the collective choir, then our voice will be louder than the dischord of evil.

So how does this relate to my point about sharing information? I think that the more we share our testimonies and what we are learning from the Gospel, the more likly someone who is "surfing" will stumble on your site and have a spark of interest ignite within himself. Your sharing might help a friend or a family member who reads your blog or your testimony ... just think testimony meeting. We share, we feel the Spirit, we grow.