Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas and Minimalism

I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's Christmas Devotional talk last night. He talked of those who lived in the Savior's time and didn't even know He was the Messiah. Much like "those whose hearts were closed to the Spirit" could not see Jesus in His day, many of us today do not make the time let alone take the time to seek the Christ.

My favorite quote of the whole devotional and perhaps the most important lesson for me was, "Some are so caught up in the details of running their lives, that they don't make time for much else."

When it comes to our testimony of the Savior, all of us need to ask ourselves what we can take out of our lives to make room of Jesus. Is there an hour or even a half-hour TV program we could "delete" from our lives to give us the time to study the scriptures? Do we really need to spend an extra 45 minutes at work reading and answering email? Could we use that time to meditate and pray? Each of us has unique lives and situations and so everyone will not have the same temptations. But regardless of who we are, we can all ask the question, "are we taking and even making the time to learn of Jesus?"

What can you not do today in order to make time for prayer and scripture study?