Sunday, February 13, 2011

Five Prophetic Priorities

Our Stake President spoke in our ward today.  He's discussed the Five Prophetic Priorities before and he spoke on them again today.  I felt impressed to take notes.

1) Build faith in Christ
2) Strengthen the Family
3) Convert, Retain, Activate
4) Strengthen Melchizedek Priesthood base
5) Prepare and increase the number of full-time missionaries

He then shared with us his notes while he reviewed every General Conference talk President Monson has given since he became prophet.

* "serious attention" to missionary work.  Young Men: prepare now.  Age 8 is not too early to begin  preparing.

* Gratitude - be thankful for what God has given us.

* Preparing for missions

* Temple - the means of strengthening the family

* Anger

* We should pray for nations to open the doors to the missionaries.  He said we should include this plea in our personal prayers as well as our prayers from the pulpits.

* Doing something for someone

* Be of good cheer

* Avoid pornography and study the messages of General Conference

* Pray for the opening of areas (again)

* Learn, Do, Be.

* Reaching out to others.

* Joy in the Journey

* Be an example of teachings of Christ.  Love our families and treat our wives with dignity.

President Paulson then asked, "Has he talked about the five prophetic priorities?"  Yes!

It was a good talk.  I'm encouraged to go back and study those talks again from the last few General Conferences.

I've been diligent in taking notes in Gospel Doctrine class too.  Go on over to my New Testament Study blog to read notes I took from today.