Thursday, September 06, 2012

On the Brink of a New Era of Prosperity Enabling Wider Sharing of the Gospel

In talking to my dad last week, our conversation, as often is the case, shifted to politics and the economy.  I told him my blunt opinion: that if the current policies and direction of the country are reversed and that if the energy industry is allowed to fully pursue the abundance of resources in America, that virtually all our current national problems would be solved (see recent NYTimes article on this subject.  The sentiment of the article is not unique; this opinion has been stated many times in many places.)

He responded by saying something very interesting.  He mentioned that my niece recently attended a YSA conference in California and that Elder Ballard talked about how one of the greatest challenges facing the youth today will be dealing with prosperity.  Elder Ballard also said that this new prosperity will help further spread the gospel throughout the world.

I found a video of this talk on youtube ... click this link to jump right to the point where he begins to discuss, at length, the topic of prosperity and the gospel.

"America's New Energy Reality" by Daniel Yergin