Tuesday, October 22, 2013


last night in our family home evening lesson, we talked about what it means to be meek.  we started off asking the kids what they thought the definition was.  they did not know, but after a bit of prodding, we got them to describe what the opposite of meek is and then we were able to define what meek is.

one of the first descriptions that they thought of was: calm.

elder soares noted this in his october 2013 general conference talk.  "meekness is the quality of those who are 'godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering.'  those who possess this attribute are willing to follow jesus christ, and their temperament is calm, docile, tolerant and submissive."

later on, he says, "by controlling our reactions, being calm and temperate, and avoiding contention, we will begin to qualify for the gift of meekness."

we further talked about what the opposite of meekness is.  we got responses like: loud, crazy, brags.  we followed up on the word "brags" with the question: what does a person usually brag about?  the answer: himself or herself.  so we further concluded that the opposite of meekness is also selfishness; and therefore we talked about how to be meek means to put others first or POF.

my wife's mother used to make these little heart-shaped wooden tokens that you can carry around in your pocket.  on the little token were the letters POF.  it was a gentle reminder of always trying to serve others.

we then watched a video about meekly serving others (see unselfish service).  after the video, we talked about how there are many paths in this life and that everyone is free to choose which path to follow.  but we have observed, been taught and have lived one path that, although difficult at times, it nonetheless bring lasting joy and happiness: and that is a life dedicated to raising a family and serving others.

we then ended the lesson by reminding the kids to always follow christ.  and if ever they strayed from following christ, they can always find the way back through repentance and using the atonement.