Friday, May 04, 2012

"Like" Stats on Apostles' Talks April 2012

from most facebook 'likes' to least:
6500+ holland: the laborers in the vineyard
5400+ uchtdorf: merciful obtain mercy
2200+ eyring: mountains to climb
1400+ scott: how to obtain revelation
951 monson: race of life
796 anderson: what thinks christ of me
683 packer: little child shall lead them
610 oaks: sacrifice
572 ballard: that the lost may be found
363 nelson: thanks be to god
264 bednar: powers of heaven (priesthood session)
239 christofferson: doctrine of christ
231 monson: as we gather once again
214 eyring: families under covenant (priesthood session)
191 hales: coming to ourselves
176 monson: willing and worthy to serve (priesthood session)
148 cook: in tune with the music of faith
147 uchtdorf: why priesthood service (priesthood session)
122 perry: power of deliverance
79 monson: as we close

elder holland having the most likes is no surprise.  his talks are regularly amazing and inspiring.  after you watch his talk, you feel uplifted.  as you read his talks, you really have something to think about and chew on.

president uchtdorf's talk on mercy is interesting.  he's fairly "popular" and liked overall.  my parents, when they were serving in prague, had the chance to listen to him and work with him.  they've always raved about him.  does the mercy topic strike a chord with members?  are we really looking for mercy and forgiveness from others?  are others judging us to harshly?  the beginning of his talks seems to indicate this is a big problem among the members.  and thinking about this a bit more, holland's talk seems to hit on the same subject as uchtdorf's talk - just in a different light.

president eyring's talk was about overcoming adversity ... i can see why this talk is popular.  and the same goes for elder scott's talk on revelation.  in fact, that was the talk i was reading and listening to again and as i was reading it, i noticed how much i liked it.  then i noted how many others 'liked'; and that prompted me to make the comparison.

anyway, it's an interesting view into general conference.