Thursday, May 03, 2012

"Like" Stats on Apostles' Talks October 2011

following up from the previous post; here are the stats from october 2011
6700+ uchtdorf: you matter to him
3500+ scott: power of scripture
3200+ packer: counsel to youth
2800+ ballard: importance of a name
2400+ monson: stand in holy places
2200+ hales: waiting upon the lord ...
2100+ anderson: children
2000+ monson: dare to stand alone (priesthood)
1800+ holland: we are all enlisted (priesthood)
1200+ oaks: teachings of jesus
1000+ cook: the songs they could not sing
974 christofferson: divine gift of repentance
763 perry: perfect love ...
733 bednar: hearts of children ...
673 eyring: a witness
474 uchtdorf: providing in the lord's way (priesthood)
418 monson: as we meet again
382 nelson: covenants
214 eyring: preparation in the priesthood (priesthood)
172 monson: until we meet again

i'll have to revisit the april 2012 stats in about five months to see how they've changed.  i noticed that there are, overall, a lot more likes in the october 2011 general conference.

again, president uchtdorf is very popular.  scott is also up high on the list as well.