Monday, October 01, 2012

A Good Man

I came across James Allen many years ago ... first in reading a few of his quotes and then later in reading his book As a Man Thinketh.

A few years ago, I found a website with all this writings.  I read a few of his essays at that time, but then haven't returned to it.  Lately, I've revisted the site and have been reading quite a lot of his essays.  Once you start to read an essay, you can't stop.

The site even has a daily meditations page, where thoughts from his book of meditations are updated daily.

However, as I continue to read all his works, there are some passages that really hit home with me and I want to draw particular attention to them on this blog.

Today, I read Through the Gates of Goodness and found this passage to be very important:
"A good man is the flower of humanity, and to daily grow purer, nobler, more Godlike, by overcoming some selfish tendency, is to be continually drawing nearer to the Divine Heart. "He that would be my disciple let him deny himself daily," is a statement which none can misunderstand or misapply, howsoever he may ignore it. Nowhere in the universe is there any substitute for Goodness, and until a man has this, he has nothing worthy or enduring. To the possession of Goodness there is only one way, and that is, to give up all and everything that is opposed to Goodness. Every selfish desire must be eradicated; every impure thought must be yielded up; every clinging to opinion must be sacrificed; and it is in the doing of this that constitutes the following of Christ. That which is above all creeds, beliefs and opinions is a loving and self-sacrificing heart. The life of Jesus is a demonstration of this truth, and all His teaching is designed to bring about this holy and supreme consummation."
As I come across other passages that I find personally important, I will post them on this blog.