Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kingwood Stake "Regulations"

President Paulson spoke of a regulation throughout the church.  Here are the five regulations he wants implemented in Kingwood Stake:

1. Member Missionary Work - pray for those who are prepared, so we would be led to them.  Then pary to open our mouth.  Pray to be prompted about what we should talk to them about.  Invite.  Hour of Power every Thursday at 5:55pm.

2. Temple Worthiness Attendance - Tithing - the Lord will work your finances; protection for the family.  The plague of porn continues.  If you've dabbled in lots or a little, go see your bishop.  Lay aside the things of the world.

3. Be a Zion like People - be united, we are a family.

4. Strengthen Families - 65% of young men are attending church in our stake.  There are too many distractions.  We have to put those activities that strengthen faith, first.

5. Focus on People - Christ didn't bustle between meetings working to-do lists and multi-tasking.  Pray to find those who need us.

Final Though: make an inventory of things to repent of and then do the top 3.