Monday, November 11, 2013

getting farther from the fount

our true spiritual north is jesus christ.  he is the fount of our salvation.  he leads us.  he is our example.  he is our life.  he is our hope.  he is our exemplar.  he is our teacher.  he is our savior.

and so when i see people trying to live his teachings and follow his example without acknowledging him, i can't help but feel sorrow for them.  they do not know what they really seek.

although these people have good intentions and no doubt people will see the benefits of what they are trying to do, they do not have a foundation in christ and subsequently they will fall.

happify is an app that will help you be happy, but it does not teach you from whence those ideas came.

atheist mega-churchs - people who don't believe in a god, or who don't feel comfortable acknowledging him are adamant about claiming their non-belief, yet still feel they are missing something.  hence they are now congregating to "live better, help often and wonder more."

again, i fail to see how these initiatives can stand on no foundation.  i believe they will help, but i'm not too sure they will last.