Monday, November 11, 2013

"Like" Stats on Apostles' Talks April 2013

14,000+ holland: lord, i believe
4900+ uchtdorf: the hope of god's light
3500+ scott: for peace at home
2700+ uchtdorf: four titles
2100+ bednar: we believe in being chaste
2100+ monson: obedience brings blessings
1800+ packer: these things i know
1200+ perry: obedience to law is liberty
1000+ eyring: come unto me
971 ballard: this is my work and glory
944 hales: stand strong in holy places (priesthood)
867 oaks: followers of christ
733 christofferson: redemption
503 nelson: catch the wave
476 anderson: it's a miracle
444 eyring: we are one (priesthood)
381 monson: come, all ye sons of god (priesthood)
357 monson: welcome to conference
249 monson: until we meet again
13 cook: personal peace ...